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The San Fernando Valley Financial Development Corporation (SFV-FDC) is a tax-exempt non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation formed by the Valley Economic Development Center (VEDC), an organization with more than 33 years experience in creating jobs for low income individuals through assistance to small businesses.  The SFV-FDC primarily serves as the regional vehicle for loan guarantees to commercial banks through the State of California's Small Business Loan Guarantee Program, currently operating out of the State's Business, Transportation and Housing Agency.

The SFV-FDC, which became fully operational in 2001, is a community development financial institution.  Its goal is to provide an effective vehicle for community development, as well as business and job growth in the Northeast San Fernando Valley.  It does that through a variety of business loan programs, microenterprise, entrepreneur and small business counseling, as well as financial literacy workshops and employment training to local residents.

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